Mini Cactuar Plush


Mini Plush Cactuar |  found on SQUARE ENIX Online Store (no longer available)

Arista and Cactuar

Arista and her other new friend – a cactuar!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My husband is the best husband EVER! XD

I’ve been wanting a mini cactuar plush since they were announced! A cactuar is another FINAL FANTASY creature. These guys aren’t quite as menacing as tonberries. They’re little cactus-like creatures that are usually only dangerous when provoked. They generally keep to themselves, chillin’ in the desert. But watch out… If you anger one, they’ll fight back with their sharp needles. Really make one mad and you’re likely to face the dreaded “10,000 Needles” attack (which, as you might guess from the name, does 10,000 points of damage – yikes!).

Cactuar Up Close

Running nowhere fast

I have some serious plans for this little guy. He’s going to be Arista’s little minion – just like the character I play on FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Real Reborn (haha, can you tell one of my other passions is FINAL FANTASY?). Now I just need to figure out how to make a Black Mage costume and staff for Arista. I love playing a Black Mage – there’s just something really fun about wielding the power of the elements! (As long as you’re far enough away not to get hit by the enemy. Mages don’t have the greatest defense…)

Much Fangirling


Pardon us as we fangirl out. ;D



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