Mini Tonberry Plush


Mini Plush Tonberry |  found on SQUARE ENIX Online Store (no longer available)

Arista and tonberry plush

Arista and her tonberry friend

This little tonberry plush actually belongs to my husband (I got it for him for Christmas last year), but he doesn’t mind if Arista or my other dolls borrow it once in awhile.

What’s a tonberry? It’s one of the creatures found in the game series, FINAL FANTASY. Tonberries appear in several of the games, and one of the most interesting things about them is the variety of ways they’re depicted. They can be cute little waddling creatures that look almost like a cross between a frog and a small dinosaur, or they can be large, quietly lurking monsters. I think that’s part of what makes my husband love them so much – they don’t look like they should be that scary, but when you’re playing a game and you know the dangerous ones are stalking you in a dark dungeon, it gets suspenseful!

This little guy doesn’t look too deadly, though… Right?

Tonberry up close

The (strange) traditional accessories of a tonberry – a chef’s knife and a lantern

This little plush is the perfect scale for 18″ dolls! He has a little cord loop at the top of his head so he can be attached to a phone, backpack, or anything else begging for a cute accessory. He’s pretty detailed for being so small!

And he looks a lot like his larger counterpart…

Large Tonberry

A larger tonberry, who made an appearance in our FINAL FANTASY-themed engagement shots (photo by Lori Anderson Photographers)

Now I just need to make doll-sized FINAL FANTASY costumes for my dolls. In the meantime, Arista can pretend she’s fleeing from this terrifying tonberry.

Arista and Tonberry

Yep. She’s pretty scared. 😉



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