More of the Paris Sightseeing Dress

Last week was SUPER CRAZY for me. My apartment complex decided it would be a fantastic idea to replace everyone’s windows and back sliding doors WHILE we’re all still living here. And since we couldn’t move some of the furniture as far away as they requested, we bubble wrapped and covered the heck out of everything. It felt like living in an episode of This Old House. It was messy and chaotic and ugh… just not a very fun experience. But now that things are back to normal, I was finally able to unearth my dolls again! And when I did, Kanani informed me that it was her turn to try on something with the Paris fabric…
Kanani in the Dress
Kanani and Rembrandt ready to see the sights of Paris
I don’t think there’s any outfit Kanani can’t pull off. She looks fantastic in everything! I especially love how great she looks in light or bright colors. They really make her skin tone pop.
Kanani in the dress
Photogenic Kanani
I really want to try making another dress with this pattern – maybe something with a medium muted purple for Sienna (I really love how the purple of Isabelle’s pjs looks on her). It’d be nice to get so good at making this style of dress, I’m able to make signature dresses for each of my dolls. But for now, they’ll all have to share this one.



4 thoughts on “More of the Paris Sightseeing Dress

  1. Oh yuck to the windows, remodeling is so messy and dirty. Worse yet when someone else is doing the planning!

    I think that dress would be cute in a two tone, with the top one color and the bottom another. Or print on top, solid on bottom. It definitely has so many possibilities.

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