Sienna and Saige

I brought my Sienna to my parents’ house over the weekend to compare her to my mom’s Saige. These two definitely look like cousins! I actually thought they might look a bit too alike, but in person, there are enough differences between them that they don’t look like twins.

Sienna and Saige

My Sienna (custom) and my mom’s Saige

I’ve had to color correct these pictures, but I think I’ve kept the colors pretty true to life. I guess if you aren’t used to seeing the different features of American Girl dolls, you might still think these are the same doll, but there’s a lot of slight differences between Sienna and Saige. Sienna’s hair is more coppery compared to Saige’s true auburn. Her eyes are also more blue than Saige’s turquoise. Although it’s hard to tell in the pictures, Saige has a more bubblegum pink lip and blush color compared to Sienna’s coral pink lips and blush. And of course, the biggest difference is that Sienna is a Josefina mold while Saige is a classic mold.

Sienna and Saige

Sienna and Saige

I think Saige is probably my favorite of my mom’s dolls… but I’m a little biased. She’s actually the first American Girl doll I ever ordered, because she was a present from my husband and me to my mom a few Christmases ago. If I had more room, I’d definitely add her to my collection, too. She’s too cute!



3 thoughts on “Sienna and Saige

  1. So funny, I don’t think they look alike … I mean, not to the point where I couldn’t distinguish them at first look. But I have spent many, many hours looking at pics of AG dolls (and the faces themselves), and have them pretty much memorized :). No other 18″ dolls’ faces compare to theirs, I don’t think.

    Your photo styling and photos are aways gorgeous, by the way!

    • Yeah, I agree! My sister took a look at both of them and thought they were the same doll (she used to collect Magic Attic Club and Barbie, but fell out of doll collecting years ago).

      Thank you! 🙂 I just gotta learn to do more manual and less auto shots haha.

  2. Neat comparison! I agree that they look enough alike to be cousins. Saige (my Abby) is such a pretty doll, she is probably one of my favorites as well. It’s funny because I’ve seen so many different dolls made from the classic mold, but some I just haven’t liked. Amazing what different eye color, hair and freckles can do!

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