Preview: The Dress of Many Failures

This is going to be a super quick entry. I’ll give this dress a proper entry later, but I was so happy to be FINALLY finished with this dress, I had to post!

I call this the “Dress of Many Failures.”

Paris-Themed Dress

Arista and the Dress of Many Failures

It’s a more difficult pattern than I’ve made in the past. Maybe slightly more difficult than Samantha’s Party Dress. But when I made Sam’s dress, I only had to redo one sleeve. This dress has been a struggle every step of the way. For example, at one point, I got so caught up in trying to make the gathered skirt work that I actually sewed the skirt on inside out. I didn’t even realize I had until AFTER I had finished sewing!

But, it’s pretty much done, and I’m satisfied with it. There’s a lot I wish I had done differently, but it works. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Preview: The Dress of Many Failures

  1. Very cute! I can relate totally, there is a doll dress in my sewing bin at the moment that has been there since November-ish. I got frustrated when I too sewed in something backwards, major brain fart. Eventually I’ll finish it.

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