Photo Story: Sienna and Arista Discover Pride and Prejudice


Sienna and Arista Discover Pride and Prejudice

Sienna: Huh, it looks like the human left one of her books out. “Pride and Prejudice”… Oh! This is that story she’s always going on about! With the pretty Regency era dresses and sassy Bennett sisters! Hmmm… Hey, Arista!Sienna with Pride and Prejudice

– – –

Arista: …So, why are we wearing these again?

Sienna: To get the full effect of the story! C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Arista: This dress is pretty comfortable… Okay, okay, let’s see what all this Pride and Prejudice business is about.

Sienna and Arista

– – –

Arista: What the heck! Take a hint, Mr. Collins! She’s clearly NOT interested!

Sienna: And he’s known her for all of what, a day?!

Arista: “I know you couldn’t possibly be rejecting my marriage proposal. LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH says I’m amazing. Plus, I get your house someday. And you might not get another offer. It’s a done deal, basically.”

Sienna: Ugh…What a creeper!

Arista and Sienna reading

– – –

Arista: You, too, Mr. Darcy?! Does NO ONE in this book know how to propose to someone without insulting them first?!

Sienna: “So I know you’re like THE BOTTOM of the barrel society-wise, but you give me ALL THE FEELS, so I’m willing to overlook your lowness and marry you. Awesome, right? “

Arista: “What?! You’re rejecting my beautiful proposal?! How can this be?!”

Sienna: Go Lizzy! You set that fool straight!

Sienna and Arista reading

– – –

Arista: OK, now that we’ve skimmed through the book, it’s movie time!

Sienna: Pride and Prejudice followed by Austenland, coming up!

Arista: Let’s see how much of a creeper Mr. Collins is in the movies…

Sienna, Arista, and Pride and Prejudice movies

– The End –

My husband says I watch too much Pride and Prejudice. He’s probably right – I can practically recite the movie. I just really love Elizabeth Bennett and her ability to articulate so perfectly what everyone’s thinking at those key moments. “Guess what, I’m rejecting you and this is why.” “I don’t care if you’re ‘above’ me, stay out of my business.” Ah, so good. I wish I was better at that. Movie and mini series-wise, I know everyone loves the BBC version, but my favorite’s still the 2005 movie. It’s easily one of my favorite movies of all time.



6 thoughts on “Photo Story: Sienna and Arista Discover Pride and Prejudice

  1. I.Love.Pride.And.Prejudice! All of my three sisters, me and my mom could watch that movie every day! We know what they say and what scene comes next and everything! I really like the seen were Mr. Bingly is trying to propose to Jane, and when he is reciting what he is say if you listen in it is so funny! I LOVE THAT MOVIE, AND BOOK!!!

    • Yay! Another Pride and Prejudice fan! Someone was telling me that the actor who played Mr. Bingley made up everything he said during that scene, and that everything he came up with was so funny, they kept most of it in. 🙂

  2. If you have Netflix you should watch Death Comes to Pemberly, its a murder mystery continuation of where pride and prejudice left off, I loved it and I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. Also Lost in Austen was pretty good!

  3. That’s my favorite version of S & S too! Though Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars was really quite a stretch. That character was supposed to be plain. Hugh Grant was way too pretty, but hey — I didn’t complain!

    Just finished re-reading S & S and am now on to Mansfield Park. Hard to keep the cast of characters straight. Bunch of rich twits in it, but Jane Austen knew how to clean their clocks.

    An American Girl/Jane Austen post is something I could not have imagined finding … You. Are. AWESOME!

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