Happy February!

Can you believe it’s FEBRUARY already!? The end of January was a little rough for me – I think I was so exhausted from work and learning our rent was going to go up a ton, Friday night I got sick and I spent most of yesterday on the couch, playing Final Fantasy XIV. But today is a new month and I’m feeling a lot better. So much better, I got Sienna and Arista ready for Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sienna and Arista (and me)!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Lots of pink, red, cute cards and CHOCOLATE? Hell yes! As a kid, my favorite part was receiving valentines from everyone in my class. I think at one point I had a scrapbook of sorts with my favorite ones. Even now, I don’t think of it as a day for big spectacles of love; it’s just a nice day to show someone you care about them. I will say that one of my favorite parts about Valentine’s Day now is it reminds me of when my husband proposed – the day before Valentine’s Day in 2011. Le sigh.

…Anyway, this blog isn’t about me, it’s about small and cute things! Back to Sienna and Arista!



I sort of feel bad that I basically took all of Grace’s stuff and made it Arista’s, but it looks so good on her! (And Sienna’s pretty much claimed the camera and Saige’s sparkle dress, so it all evens out…) Arista’s wearing Grace’s earrings, charm bracelet, meet shirt, the My AG ballet outfit skirt (with Isabelle’s sparkly skort on backwards underneath), and black sparkle flats.



With Sienna being Saige’s cousin, I guess it’s not surprising that she looks so good in this dress! Sienna really wears it best between her and Arista. She’s also wearing Samantha’s new meet accessory necklace, and Isabelle’s meet shoes.

Happy February, everyone! ♥



2 thoughts on “Happy February!

  1. Oh yuck on the rent increase and feeling sick, hope you are feeling better now. They both look cute, I like the idea of using a skirt under the tutu. My girls are planning a party, we have a lot to get done! LOL

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