Being Artsy Fartsy… Again

As my mom has often said to my sister and me, “What I do for one, I must do for the other.” So! Using the same layout as the magazine clipping I made for Arista, I made one for Sienna

Sienna's Magazine Clip

How Sienna’s magazine page might look if she were for sale (which she is not)*

Sienna’s story is pretty fleshed out in my mind. Sienna’s father is Saige’s uncle, making Saige and Sienna cousins. Like the other members of the Copeland family, Sienna is very artistic. But unlike Saige and their Grandma Mimi, Sienna prefers photography to painting – mostly because of her photographer mother. Sienna has grown up with cameras and learned to use her first point-and-shoot camera at an early age.

Life changes for Sienna when her mom is laid off from her job as the photographer for a local magazine. Sienna’s mom starts off feeling optimistic about finding a new job, but as time passes and she’s unable to find any work that would make use of her photography skills, she worries that she’ll have to start over and work her way back up in another field. She becomes depressed, thinking of a future stuck behind spreadsheets instead of behind a lens.

To cheer her up, Sienna tries to show her mom that photography can still be a big part of her life. She asks her mom to teach her how to use a DSLR camera, and for help making her photography better. Together, Sienna and her mom spend most of their afternoons at a local park, learning which settings to prioritize for different situations – adjusting shutter speed to capture a bird in flight or aperture for different depths of field.

It’s during this time that Sienna’s mom realizes that she finds teaching someone how to take pictures more rewarding than actually having her pictures published! Not long after, Sienna’s mom goes back to school to get her teaching credential, and eventually becomes a photography teacher at the local high school. Later, Sienna’s mom upgrades to a new DSLR and hands her old one down to Sienna. Sienna is ecstatic – it’s the same camera the two used to practice with and the same one her mom used during her teaching interview. To Sienna, it’s more than just a camera, it’s a good luck charm.

I’m not sure if I’m happy with Sienna’s “meet” outfit being Isabelle’s sweater. I tried a few different options and liked this one best, but it’s still not as definitive as I’d like. Like Saige, Sienna looks great in peachy and dark pinks, purples, and blues, so something in those colors might work. I’ll have to keep looking.


*No dolls, clothes, or accessories shown on this site are for sale.


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