Sleepover Accessories (2011-2014 version)

Sleepover Accessories (2011-2014 version) | American Girl

The more realistic and highly detailed something miniature is, the more I will fangirl over it. So when I found out that the American Girl Sleepover Set contained not just a miniature abridged game, but a FULL, working version of Apples to Apples Junior, there was much fangirling. I enjoy playing the regular and Disney versions of Apples to Apples. When I’m judge, I usually pick whatever combination makes me laugh most instead of the card that actually matches the judge’s card best (“silky Abraham Lincoln,” that sort of thing).

The set also includes two drinks (they’re listed as fruit punch, but I prefer to think of them as pink lemonade), a bowl of popcorn, a Snooze-a-Palooza! book, and an American Girl magazine.

American Girl Sleepover Set

The full Sleepover Accessories set

The Apples to Apples Junior game is my favorite part of the accessories set, but the mini book and magazine are a close second. I love adding books to my mini library. I eventually want to find a small bookcase for them. The popcorn and drinks are also really well done – they’re a lot nicer in person than their stock photos suggest.

Recently, American Girl came out with a new sleepover party set – the Pizza Party set.

Pizza Party Set

The new Pizza Party Set (photo: American Girl)

The heart-shaped pizza and box are cute, but I wasn’t as impressed by the quality of the pizza slices when I saw them in person at American Girl Place. I blame etsy – people make such realistic-looking food that sometimes American Girl’s doesn’t quite measure up. The Blokus game, drinks, and book are cute, though… And it would be kind of fun to start a mini game collection… I might eventually have to add the pizza party set to my wish list.

But for now, Sienna and Arista will have to learn how to play Apples to Apples Junior, so they can teach everyone else…

Arista and her "helpers"

Arista reading the rules, while Tutu and Rembrandt investigate.

Sienna and Bennett

Sienna and Bennett following along.

Sienna and Arista playing Apples to Apples

Now they just need to wait for the rest of their friends to arrive and the fun can begin!



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