Being Artsy Fartsy

I made a Girl of the Year magazine clip for Arista, using the one for Grace Thomas as a reference…

Arista Magazine

 Direct from an alternate universe where Arista might be for sale. Here, however, she is not.*

I kept the text pretty generic since Arista’s more a mini me and less of a standalone character. I did go with the “true friends like you for who you are” cliche, because it was definitely something I learned as a kid. I also gave her layout an overall amusement park theme, because visiting those parks was my favorite thing to do when I was younger (and if Disneyland hadn’t become so insanely expensive, it probably still would be). Once I figure out what I want Sienna’s “meet outfit” to be, I’ll probably make one for her next.

I actually have 18″ doll collecting to thank for my Photoshop skills! I first started using Photoshop years ago to make a Magic Attic Club fansite. It’s too bad geocities (or rather, geosh*ties) no longer exists – it’d be kind of fun to see my first site again.

I’m still messing around with new headers, too. That’s always been my problem with websites. I finish one layout (or header in this case) and then decide I don’t like it and work on another. There’s just no pleasing me haha.


*No dolls, clothes, or accessories shown on this site are for sale.


5 thoughts on “Being Artsy Fartsy

  1. Thank you! 🙂 Haha, yeah… My husband works with a few ex-Mattel people, and it sounds like it’s a preeeetty hardcore company. They probably wouldn’t take it lightly. But for fun, they can’t say nothin’.

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