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Sienna with her camera

What’s in Sienna’s bag? Her camera!

If Sienna had her own American Girl magazine description, it might say something like this:

I’m Sienna Copeland.

My family calls me the “resident shutterbug,” because I always seem to have a camera in my hands. I love taking pictures of everything – tasty-looking food, silly pets, perfectly-formed flowers, and of course, my family and friends!

Someday, I want to be as good at photography as my mom. She used to take pictures for a local magazine, but when it closed down two years ago, she had a hard time finding a new job and got really depressed. I tried to cheer her up by asking her to teach me more about cameras, and we ended up spending a lot of time taking pictures together. When she realized how much more she enjoyed teaching me how to use a camera than seeing her work published, she decided to become a photography teacher.

Now she works at our local high school! I can’t wait to take my mom’s class someday!


Camera close up

A Doll-Sized DSLR

And of course, every photography-loving doll needs a camera accessory of her own!

Sienna loves her DSLR camera – especially because it used to be her mom’s. It’s the same one they used for photography practice while Sienna’s mom was out of work, and the same one her mom used during her teaching interview. Sienna thinks of it as good luck.

Just don’t tell Sienna that her digital camera is really a light-up keychain!

This tiny camera was a Christmas present from my mom-in-law. It has a surprisingly detailed lens. The rest of the camera also has nice attention to detail. The body has the same shape and features as a typical DSLR, right down to “Camera” written in a very Canon-like font above the lens. As a nice little bonus, the camera lens actually flashes and makes noise to mimic a real DSLR.

Camera close up

Back Detail

Even the back is detailed, from the eyepiece to the dials and buttons. All that’s missing is a camera strap and tiny memory cards!

You can find this style of camera and others by searching for “camera keychain” on They can cost anywhere from $2-5 dollars – well worth it if you consider how much American Girl would charge for something this detailed.

Sienna and her camera

Camera Close Up

The keychain is just the right size for doll hands, too. Just one clear rubber band and Sienna’s ready to take pictures!



3 thoughts on “Mini Camera Keychain

  1. I’m glad to see that Amazon is carrying these now, when I ordered mine, I had to get it direct from some company in China or Taiwan, took forever to get here. They are so cute, but the noise and the light flashing freaks my dog out! Have you seen the one for the Pentax K-5? I’m tempted to get that one too, it doesn’t “do” anything but it looks like a real K-5. They have several different Pentax ones, too cute!

    • Haha, I can see that. I think I clicked mine near one of my mom-in-law’s cats and he was very confused. Ooh, I don’t think I’ve seen that one yet! I love finding stuff that looks like the real thing but doesn’t cost as much as AG’s accessories. 😀

      • Same here, just the other day my hubby and I were looking at my partially finished doll house and we both agreed that some of the cutest stuff I have isn’t AG at all. We also realized that I don’t have that much AG to begin with other than dolls and clothes!

        They also have a camera keychain that looks like an old Rolleiflex twin lens, it’s cute, but I’m not sure on the scale. (Love when I find someone who I can talk not only dolls, but camera stuff with too 😉 LOL)

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