Photo Story: A Trip to the Kellogg House


A Trip to the Kellogg House | Orange County, California


Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 bring you peace, prosperity, health and happiness! ♥

MINI MAD is starting off the new year with something old – 117 years old to be precise!

My husband and I recently visited the Kellogg House, a historic Southern California house that looks almost like it came straight out of the pages of Samantha Parkington’s stories. The house was built in 1898 by Hiram Clay Kellogg, an engineer who’s projects included designing cities, railways, dams and irrigation systems. Kellogg developed a love of ship design – thanks to his many business trips to and from Hawaii – and he incorporated some of those design elements into the home.

The house was all decked out for Christmas, with so many pretty garlands and decorations, I’m sure Samantha would’ve approved (well, except for the lack of a gingerbread house).

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The Kellogg House

It was fun to see just how many parts of the home look similar to Samantha’s Scenes and Settings. When I saw the ice box in the kitchen, I instantly thought of the one in the settings book. The children’s room even had a hand-sewn quote, like the framed quote in Samantha’s bedroom. Though I kinda feel like Ms. Maria Drew’s skill or patience (or both) was a bit better than Samantha’s to be able to create this…

Hand-Sewn Quote

 Pretty darn impressive work for an 8-year-old!

The entire home has a really welcoming feel, from the friendly docents to the sunny rose garden and orange orchard setting. If you’re ever in the area (and especially if you’re a fan of the early 1900’s), it’s definitely worth the $5 admission fee.

For more information on the Kellogg House and the rest of the Heritage Museum of Orange County, visit



2 thoughts on “Photo Story: A Trip to the Kellogg House

  1. Beautiful! It reminds me a bit of George Eastman house in Rochester, NY, I guess they both would be of the same era. I’ll have to remember this one if we ever make it to that area.

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