McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit

McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit | American Girl

Not only do I have my wonderful husband to thank for this outfit, but whoever originally bought McKenna’s Starter Collection and didn’t want her Warm-Up Outfit. I didn’t even realize that had been the only way to get this set, until now!

What originally drew me to McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit were the colors – I love the cheerful look of the lavender and bright orange! The set looks nice as a whole and has great mix and match potential. Kanani’s modeling it today, with the addition of Isabelle’s pajama shirt (also fantastic for mix and match outfits) and Saige’s necklace (from her Sparkle Dress set).

Kanani in McKenna's Warm Up Outfit
McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit – with a few added pieces… and a puppy

My favorite part of this outfit is the ombré jacket. I love ombré anything, especially when it’s done well. In this case, the shift from lavender to bright orange is eye-catching without being too gaudy. I love that it has pockets, too. Even if a doll’s hands can’t reach them, pockets make everything better. And compared to the blue puffy jacket, this jacket zips up a lot more smoothly.

Kanani in McKenna's Warm Up Outfit
Ombré sleeves

Then there’s the warm-up pants… I have to say, I’m not a fan of these pants. The crisp white is a nice contrast to the lavender and orange, but they’re still pretty bland. Maybe a stripe or two down the leg would’ve jazzed them up a bit? They’re just a little too plain to me. The symbol helps, but almost looks like an afterthought. The fit is a little “meh,” too. They look slightly too poofy on top, but the legs are nicely tapered.

Kanani in McKenna's Warm Up OutfitSuper cute shoes!

The shoes are a nice finishing touch to the outfit. I love these things – the laces are a sturdy elastic, the soles are made of thick rubber, and the insides have a soft, fuzzy fabric covering. They definitely make up for the “meh” pants. These would look great with any casual outfit (I want to try them with jeans next).

The outfit also comes with two orange ponytail holders and a hairstyle instruction card for fishtail braids (not pictured).

Overall, I really like this set! All of the pieces are nicely made, and – at least when it comes to the jacket and shoes – have lots of year-round potential. I can already tell the jacket and shoes are going to join Saige’s Sweater Outfit as some of my favorite pieces to use.


5 thoughts on “McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit

  1. Kanani looks beautiful! We have this outfit as well, and I love the shoes best of all. We bought it at the Wilmot American Girl Warehouse sale
    If you can ever get to Wisconsin in summer, it is so worth it! People come from literally hundreds and hundreds of miles away with U HAUL TRUCKS! Ebayers. I am already praying that the sale will be after school gets out this year. I hope you don’t mind my url above. Feel free to edit it out if you prefer!

    • Oh wow, that sale sounds amazing! 😀 Thank you for sharing! That would be an awesome summer trip. Glad you were able to get Julie’s original meet, too! I’m curious how long they’ll be available – it looks like some of the accessories are sold out.

  2. This is a really cute outfit and the colors in the jacket remind me of an outfit I had when I was in Jr. High, loved it! That was nice of your hubby to get it for you. 🙂 AG makes the cutest tennis shoes, I’m still wowing over the pair that came with the cheerleading set I got from the Cyber-week sale.

    • They really do! I was not expecting this much detail (especially the fuzzy insides like real sneakers)! I think the only pair of shoes I have that are lackluster are the MyAG boots. I want to try to add something to them to make them more interesting…

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