A Dolly’s Dining Room Feast


Dolly’s Dining Room  |   dollysdiningroom.com

As much as I like some of American Girl’s food items (the ice cream scoops and cones from Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor are really nice), I especially love when miniature food looks good enough to eat! It’s easy to find well-made doll-sized food on etsy, but sometimes the shops only have a few items for sale at a time, or only have items available during a special release.

That’s where Dolly’s Dining Room comes in. This site offers a variety of different 18″ doll-sized foods, drinks and dinnerware! Their current offerings include Mexican, American, Italian, and holiday-themed main courses, side dishes, drinks and desserts. The website’s pictures do not do them justice – these are miniature works of art in person. Thanks to my awesome mom-in-law, I now have a bunch of tasty treats for my dolls!

Cheese Danish

One of my favorite breakfast foods – now in doll-sized form!

Each piece of food comes in its own storage bag. I would definitely recommend storing each piece in these – I’ll explain why in a little bit.

Main / Side Dishes

Pretty darn realistic for being made of clay!


I received the Nachos Grande (looks like they’re sold out on the website), Cheese Ravioli (also sold out), Side SaladDay After Thanksgiving Sandwich (sold out), and Spanish RiceThe attention to detail on these pieces is amazing. Each leaf of lettuce has been texturized to look like the real thing, the tomatoes have slight grooves like their real counterparts do, the bread slices are carefully detailed with tiny holes, and even the most minute details – the ground beef, the pieces of rice and chopped vegetables – are so impressive, you’d think each of these would cost more than they actually do. I can only imagine what American Girl would sell these for…

Those tiny details are also why you should always store these pieces in their original bags. Everything’s pretty secure, but a couple of the “oats” on the slices of bread have fallen off and there’s a tiny bit of dust from the sandwich holes, too. Definitely not an issue, and definitely understandable for something that highly detailed.


I see you eyeing those desserts, Mr. Bennett…


In addition to the Cheese Danish (sold out), I also received the Berry Limone CakeFlan with RaspberriesStrawberry Sundae (not seeing this version on the site anymore, but there’s another that comes with a brownie or as a single scoop of strawberry ice cream), and Raspberry Chiffon Pie. Each of these is so spot on – even the berries look real! I’m not sure if the liquid clay for the strawberry sauce or caramel sauce would stain if left over time, but just in case, I probably won’t leave mine sitting in one spot for too long. I’m not worried about the other pieces, though.

Berry Limone Cake

I apologize for any hunger this image may cause. Mmm…

If this picture of the Berry Limone Cake doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. The shading, the detailing of the tiny air pockets, the filling, and especially the berries on top – all of it looks so real, I am craving a slice of this cake as I type.

Arista and Bennett

Pairs nicely with something from Starbucks (drink ornaments were a present from my mom).



These pieces are so amazing in person, I don’t know if any picture can do them justice. The shading and detailing is very realistic, and even on a full stomach, looking at these pictures makes me want some cake! I probably wouldn’t recommend these for younger collectors. Any rough handling could limit the life of more delicate pieces like the salad or sandwich. They’re perfect for photographer collectors, though. I’ll definitely be back for seconds! ♥



4 thoughts on “A Dolly’s Dining Room Feast

  1. I am so glad that you posted this, I just looked at the website for this a few days ago after a friend recommended it. Wow! Another good one is Pippaloo, but sometimes it’s hard to get what you want because of the way she does her sales. These people are artists, not crafters!!!

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