Christmas Treasures

I think it’s safe to say that my entire family knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year. I got lots of fun stuff to add to my collection – new outfits, accessories, food and drinks, pets, a purse, and new backdrops – all of which you’ll find out more about in upcoming posts!

Christmas Treasures

Now the ice cream parlor really looks like an ice cream parlor!

One of the gifts I was most excited to receive was the retired Samantha’s Scenes and Settings from my husband! I’ve spent the better part of today testing out different scenes and figuring out how best to photograph them. I’ve probably told him at least ten times today how much I love this set! It’s nice that I can store it so easily when not in use, too – SUPER IMPORTANT when you live in a small apartment.

Bennett and MG

Stretching before an early morning jog with Bennett.

It’s a shame American Girl stopped making the Scenes and Settings series – they really do bring the major areas from the books to life! I also think the illustrations look nicer than the photographed scenes AG offers now. Even though they use real items (e.g. Caroline’s table and chairs repainted for the Gala Party Scene), some of the scenes look a little too cheesy (and slightly over-bedazzled) to me.

Anyway – I wasn’t the only one in my family to receive something doll-related and retired for Christmas this year. My mom-in-law, brother-in-law, husband and I all pitched in to get something my husband’s grandma has wanted since she was a little girl…

…A Shirley Temple doll from 1934.

Shirley Temple doll

1934 Shirley Temple doll with clothes and trunk

Once the idea to get the Shirley Temple doll was born, my brother-in-law went into full on research-and-hunt mode. He found this one, her trunk, and a bunch of her clothes! The doll itself is very well made. Her sleepy eyes move smoothly and she’s got soft brown eyelashes. Her mouth is impressively detailed and is slightly deeper than her molded teeth. The biggest surprise was finding tiny bobby pins still in her curls!

Ms. Temple's clothes and trunk.

Miss Temple’s wardrobe

I didn’t have enough time to take more pictures before we wrapped her up on Christmas Eve, but maybe once Miss Temple is settled into her new home, I can take some more.

On Christmas Eve night, when my husband’s grandma picked up the wrapped trunk, all of us looked at each other and then to her, eager to see how she’d react. I can’t even begin to describe how excited she was to see the doll and all of the fun clothes she came with! She couldn’t believe she finally had the toy she’d wished for all those years ago.

Hmm… Last year we got my mom the American Girl doll she’d always wanted (Saige), this year it was Shirley Temple for Grandma K. – this might just become an annual occurrence… 😉



6 thoughts on “Christmas Treasures

  1. Looks like you got some fun goodies! I am loving that purse in the first photo, that is beyond cute. And I love the story about the Shirley Temple doll, I think that would be a wonderful tradition. Merry Christmas!

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