Cyber Monday Finds [PICTURE HEAVY]

2-in-1 Ice Skating Set, Puffy Jacket, Saige’s Bracelet, Mini Nellie Doll | American Girl


So… I wasn’t planning on getting anything during Cyber Monday… But then I did.

Just a couple of things, though. I’d rather wait and see what’s in Girl of the Year 2015’s collection.

Skating Wrap and Pants

2-in-1 Ice Skating Set wrap and pants with Isabelle’s pj top and slippers

I got the 2-in-1 Skating Set (which coincidentally is being modeled by a #53 in the stock photos), because I knew I could use the pieces in different outfits. The pants and wrap make a great dance warm-up set (she just needs actual dance shoes…) or comfy lounge wear. Unfortunately, the blue leotard and skirt shed like crazy. I had a hard time getting all the fibers off the black pants. So… those are staying in the box until I can figure out how to keep them from making a mess.

Ice Skates and Puffy Jacket

The ice skates and guards from the 2-in-1 set, blue puffy jacket and mittens

The skates were pretty tough to get on at first, but they’re really cute. The blade guards fit well and are made of a rubbery material, but can still fall off. They’re great for helping the doll to stand, though.

I also got the Puffy Jacket and Mittens (the link has disappeared from AG’s site, but you can find the sets on eBay or Amazon easily). The jacket fits well and doesn’t make the dolls look overly puffy, but the zipper can be hard to get started and the jacket doesn’t leave a lot of arm movement. The fingerless gloves are really cute! They’re a great finishing touch for an ice skating outfit.

Pink Dress with Skates

A performance in pink

The ice skates also work well with Isabelle’s sparkle dress (even if the skirt is a bit longer than on most ice skating outfits).

Saige's Bracelet

Saige’s Woven Bracelet

I also got something for me to wear – Saige’s Woven Bracelet. One of the benefits of having freakishly small wrists haha… It’s nothing too special, and it feels more plastic-y than woven, but it’s one of those things you could wear out in public and only a few people might know where it was from.

Mini Nellie and Book

Mini Nellie and book

And last, but not least, Mini Nellie! It seemed only fitting that my first Josefina mold doll should have a mini Josefina mold doll. I really wish they hadn’t changed the style of the mini dolls. I can see how the BeForever versions can be easier to pose and handle, but I really loved the fact that the old style mini dolls were made the same way as their 18″ counterparts. Nellie is extremely cute – I actually think I like her mini version slightly better than her full size version.

Nellie and Samantha

Best friends forever!

Overall, I’m really happy with everything I got during Cyber Monday. Now to see what GOTY ’15 brings…



11 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Finds [PICTURE HEAVY]

  1. Ooohh, Cyber Monday was so tempting! I got the blue puffy jacket too, as I’d been eyeing that for a while.

    On another sale day, they had Samantha’s NEW ruffly pink and lilac dress at half off, as well as her bike riding outfit.

    Suffice it to say that AG got a few of my dollars this week. More than a few, as I went to the AG Place in the Boston area, but I was armed with a list. Nothing more, nothing less, and I stuck to it.

    I wanted to get Julie’s holiday outfit so badly, but the sleeves on it in person look totally wrong, so I got Rebecca’s instead. She’s gorgeous in it. She’s gorgeous in anything! Oh, and she finally got the pajamas she’s been begging for for forever. That girl’s a bit of a clothes horse. Just sayin’!

    Thanks for sharing your finds!

    • I saw that! I’m really surprised they put Samantha’s outfits on sale, too! I wish I knew what went on behind closed doors at Mattel. I can see why they put some of those items on sale, but something that new? What does it mean?!

      Oh nice! I really like that dress on Rebecca, too. Such a pretty shade of lavender-blue.

  2. I just have to say that I love Isabelle’s dress as a skating outfit, it’s perfect!! I too went a little overboard last week, but it is fun to have all these packages show up at my door. They had such great sales, it was hard to resist. I’m just waiting for my Isabelle set to show up from the Jill’s Steals and Deals sale, and I will be done for a while. I need to get back to sewing, crafting and working on my doll house.

    The blue puffy coat is cute too, but I wondered if it might be a little on the snug side. And I agree with you on the older mini dolls, I picked up Julie in the sale and I’m not sure I will like the all plastic bodies. All these sales have me wondering just how much new stuff is coming out in the new catalog, this could be bad-or good depending on how you look at it! 😉

    • Congrats on getting Isabelle! 🙂 Make sure you check her hair – from what I’ve read on the forums, some of the Isabelles are arriving with weirdly cut wigs. I hope yours comes out nice – she really is a pretty doll.

      Yeah, I feel like if you had a really thick shirt under the puffy jacket, it might be hard to zip up. It worked well to have something thin like Isabelle’s pj shirt under, but a sweater might be too difficult (especially in the arm area).

      I agree! I’m excited to see what’s coming next! I hear there are mini baked goods on the horizon – though at the same time, I think my dolls have too many sweets, not enough real food haha.

      • Thanks on the heads up on the Isabelle hair issue, I will check her thoroughly. Right now I’m anxiously awaiting her delivery, would be nice if Fed Ex would update their tracking, major fail on their software about now, hasn’t updated since Monday, so much for automation!

    • Hi Flo! Just wanted to say that I am vicariously looking forward to Isabelle … for the 2nd time! How exciting for you. She has some of the best hair I’ve ever seen on an AG doll. I think it might actually be the thing that makes her the most special. It’s thick and has different tones of blonde in it. She has nice expression and color to her face, as well. Enjoy!

      • Thanks Laurie! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sold on her until I saw photos of her on a doll blog, those eyes just drew me in. I’m also not a huge fan of her story, but that’s okay, I can always rename her and make her a unique story. She will be my first doll with straight hair, so I’m very excited to hear that she has great hair. Now if she would just get here! LOL

      • She’s here, she came today and she looks great! I checked her wig over and I think I got a good one. My complaint is that whoever pulled her hair up on each side wasn’t very careful and did a crap job of it, I immediately took it out so it can relax. She has a lump in her hair because of it, and it didn’t look right, I think over time it will go away. But I do really like her hair, I think the length is awesome. After wrestling with the hair on the used Saige I bought, this is going to be so much easier.

        She is going to be renamed Zara, I wasn’t wild about her story and all, so I decided she was getting a revamp. Saige is going to be renamed too, they are going to be sisters!

      • Yay! Glad you got one with a good wig. Yeah, her hair is definitely a lot easier to deal with than most. I couldn’t believe the difference trying to work with Marie-Grace’s after Isabelle’s.

        Ooh, I like that name. Yeaaaahhh… I liked that she sewed and liked ballet, but her story on the whole was pretty meh. I think she’d make a great sister to Saige. Sometimes I think of mine as cousins with Caroline (when Caroline is in modern mode haha).

  3. On a semi-related note, I came within seconds of winning a never removed from box Nellie on ebay today. For LESS THAN $150! Took every ounce of strength I had not to re-bid … that girl is too cute.

    btw — the frilly frock is much nicer in person than in photos. Better quality. It’s not something the “old” Samantha might have worn, but we all know the times, they are a’changin’. Her bicycling outfit is very pretty and comes that fun hat. It’s good quality. I am seeing a decrease in design and quality of make in the MAG clothes (some of them), and hope it doesn’t bleed into the Beforever clothes too. Fingers crossed.

    • Oh wow! That would’ve been a great price for Nellie! I hope you can find another good deal!

      Yay good! I have the frilly frock on my Christmas wish list. Glad to hear it’s a nice piece.

      I agree! There’s a lot of MAG clothes that really don’t look that great to me. I find a lot better on etsy sometimes.

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