Hooray for Holiday Deals!

Samantha’s Holiday Dress, AGPLA T-Shirt | American Girl

Thanks to a deals-savvy friend and my sister, my husband and I were able to get our first DSLR camera (an older model Nikon D7000) during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness! I am so in love with it and the amazing pictures it’s able to produce in our poorly lit place!

I’m still very much a noob at using it, though… I used to use my parents’ Canon A-1 when I was younger…


Photo by Benjamin.nagel

…but I feel like I’ve forgotten a lot when it comes to shooting manually. But, practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice than taking pictures of easy-to-work-with models!



Christmassy MG

MG is ready for Christmas!

I really love Samantha’s holiday dress on Marie-Grace. My MG has some particularly broad shoulders, and there are some outfits that highlight them a little too much for my taste (e.g. Samantha’s middy dress). This dress looks like a dream on her!

Christmassy MG

Aqua-eyed beauty

I’m really happy I decided to get this set. Someday it’d be nice to have Christmas dresses for all my dolls (after all, they usually become part of the holiday decor), but this one’s a good start. None of the others have really stood out to me as much as this one.

No. 53

American Girl Place LA Shirt

I’m also happy I got this AGPLA shirt. I didn’t think it was worth the original price of $8.00, but $3.00 (and later only $1.00!) is a different story! AGPLA is the only American Girl store I’ve been to so far, but it was quite a trek getting there. The Grove is nice, but driving in LA – and that area of LA in particular – is not fun. So for me, this shirt is a bit of a “I survived the drive to AGPLA” shirt haha.

I was also able to snag a couple of things during the American Girl Cyber Monday sale, but nothing too crazy. I’m waiting to see what Girl of the Year 2015 and her collection will bring!

And in the meantime, I’m still waiting for the new wig for #53. I hope it arrives soon!



9 thoughts on “Hooray for Holiday Deals!

  1. Ohmygawwwwwww! Marie-Grace looks stunning in that dress. Now I’m going to HAVE to get it, when I buy Samantha this week. Heading to AG Place Boston, barring weather problems. (This being December in Massachusetts, it’s a crap shoot). Now tell me, how did you get MG’s hair that way? She takes the best photos of nearly any AG doll out there, but I can’t seem to get them wild tresses un-messed.

    I have to admit that I’m going to miss your #53 as a blonde. I’ll still have my own, but one of her million twin sisters will have gone incognito. Little sniffle here.

    Been trying to find out about GOTY 2015, but so far nothing. I mean, I know the stories and name, but I want to see LE DOLL! Keep hearing rumors it’s a redhead, which makes zero sense because a) Saige was a redhead and b) the next historical doll is going to be a redhead (if rumors are to be believed). Have you seen her photos? 1950s’ clothing, red hair and bangs? I am DYING over here. Die-YINGGG.

    Congrats on your new camera. That’s terrific, and the photos are phenomenal

    • Taming Marie-Grace’s hair was a little nerve-wracking. I undid her hair completely, freaked out when her formerly braided hair frizzed into a giant mess, then got her hair pretty damp and started to slowly run a ceramic hair straightener on lowest setting through small sections of her hair at a time. It took forever and I kept worrying I was going to mess up her hair, but afterwards I was really happy I did it.

      You’re in luck! Grace’s mini doll just leaked on TaoBao this morning: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.1.LrDDLQ&id=42880916392&ns=1&abbucket=13#detail

      People are speculating that she’ll either be a light vinyl Josefina (more likely) or Marie-Grace mold with dark brown hair, side bangs, freckles, and blue eyes.

      • Well now that’s interesting … I wasn’t expecting such a dark haired doll, but it’s about time. The last really dark brown haired doll GOTY they had was Chrissa, and that was five (six!) years ago. Chrissa is actually a gorgeous doll (Google her for photographs, seriously), though her hair is nothing to write home about. Shame about the hair, she’s very underrated and photographs beautifully. Incredible eyes.

        So the new GOTY has bangs! Wow — haven’t seen bangs since Lanie, in 2010. Cool. Now I can’t wait to see the real thing … I’m guessing her face is a Josefina mold, because MG didn’t sell well and took even longer than Ceclle to sell out on-line. plus the mini seems to have a Josefina-type nose and face shape. I prefer the Josefina mold, so that’s fine with me. 🙂

        Speaking of Josefina, I have her but I’ll be darned if I don’t want a Marisol too! They’re very similar looking. She’s the modern day Josefina, I guess.

        Thank you for that link!

        Have my Wednesday AG shopping list drawn up … I will looking at things not on the list, but not buying. It’s kind of nice to know I have already drawn the boundaries, so I can just relax and enjoy the looking. And lunch at the bistro!

    • Yay! 🙂 Yeah, other people’s pictures of MG are what convinced me to give her a chance, too. Her stock photos don’t do her justice in person! I really hope AG makes more dolls using her mold.

      • That’s the same reason I ended up getting her, all these pics from everyone else’s blogs. She is just so pretty, I think she has a very feminine, sweet face. I also hope they use that face mold again, it would be a shame if they didn’t.

        I also straightened the hair on mine using the hot water method instead. It worked very well. Too anyone thinking of getting her, don’t let that odd hairstyle scare you away, there are things that can be done.

  2. That dress looks stunning on MG, I might have to break down and buy it!

    Today some photos of a so-called AG Mini doll hit the web from somewhere in Asia–if it’s accurate, the GOTY is blue eyed with dark hair. I’m not going to believe it 100% until I see it from several really good sources and/or AG. If it’s accurate, I doubt I will get her, just wasn’t in to it at all. Makes me glad I sniped a used Saige over the weekend on Ebay!

    Enjoy your new camera!

    • Oh nice! Congrats on Saige! My mom has her – she’s super cute in person and her eyes are gorgeous. Yeah, I’m still curious to see how her 18″ version looks, too. A larger version of her book cover was floating around a week or so ago, and from that it looked like she’d have amber eyes, but no luck.

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