More of #53

Before I turn #53 into my mini me, I thought it’d be a good idea to take lots of pictures of her in her original state.


Blondie #53

I’ve only had her a few days, but I think she may be the most photogenic of all my dolls – I have yet to find a bad angle when photographing her! She looks great in t-shirts and jeans…

Disney #53

This Disneyland shirt is still one of my favorite sewing projects.

…Especially Disneyland t-shirts! (I still wish the mini collectible Mickey Mouse ears were large enough to fit American Girl dolls!)

53 LOTR Style

She just needs a bow and arrows…

She also looks great in a fellowship cloak. It sort of makes her look like she could be a young elf – maybe a relative of Haldir’s?

As cute as she is in her original state, I’m excited to turn her into a brunette! Hopefully she’ll look something like this…

Mini Me

Brunette with a couple of freckles – she definitely looks Maltese!

I can’t wait until the new wig arrives! ♥



4 thoughts on “More of #53

  1. She’s my FAVORITE! Well, my favorite of all the MYAG dolls, anyway. She is a truly gorgeous doll, and I haven’t been able to take a bad photo of her, either. My first Josefina mold doll.

    The only improvement on her has been Julie, and really, that’s just because of all that long hair. #53 (aka Janelle for me) just knocks most of the competition right out of the park. But I’m biased!

    It will be interesting to see what she looks like brunette.

  2. I can’t wait to see her with the other wig! I’ve been eyeing up a couple of customizations but still haven’t gotten brave enough to do an eye swap. One of these days…or maybe I’ll just pay someone to do it.

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