Mini Tabasco Sauce Bottles


Single Serving Tabasco Pepper Sauce Bottles |  found at a hotel


Sugar and SPICE!

Miniature fake food is great, but miniature REAL food is the best!

I was helping my husband during a convention awhile back, and we were so exhausted after working from 7 AM to 10 PM that all we could do was head back to our hotel, order soup from room service and crash. When the soup came, so did these cute little bottles of Tabasco sauce! And of course, the first thing I thought of was bringing them back to add to my collection.

All this Tabasco and nothing to use it on!

These’s only one problem… I don’t really have any food that would work with Tabasco sauce. I mean, I know you can make Tabasco ice cream, but I’m sure that’s more for a true Tabasco lover (like my husband). My dolls usually end up having similar tastes to mine ha ha. 😉 I’ll have to get some scrambled eggs, burritos, or tacos somewhere down the line. Then these bottles will be perfect!


These cones totally aren’t taped to their hands or anything…

And in the meantime, ice cream forever!



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