The (Mini) Gibson Girl


I did the thing.

Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor | American Girl


Tyson’s Ice Cream Parlor… a.k.a. The (Mini) Gibson Girl

I’ve only ever had room for one large AG set, and for me, it doesn’t get more perfect than this ice cream parlor. As you might’ve guessed from my previous post, I’m treating mine more like a miniature version of Disneyland’s Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor than Samantha’s Tyson’s – which means at some point I should probably make a proper cast member uniform for whoever’s manning the store… But, for now, Caroline and her middy dress work pretty well.


Parlor Pieces (minus the cash register and one green scoop of ice cream)

Oh man, I can’t even begin to express how much I love this thing. The parlor is mostly made of wood, so you get that wonderful “new furniture smell” right as you open it (or rather, unearth it from the largest shipping box I think I’ve ever seen). Each of the pieces are so detailed and beautifully made. I love that the scoop and spoons are actually made of metal and that the dishes are ceramic instead of plastic. The cash register (not pictured) has “working” keys and a crank to open the drawer – but it takes up more counter space than I’m willing to give it.


What can I get for you?

I like how much thought they put into each of these pieces, too. The glasses can be separated from their metal bottoms, the candy topping is one molded piece (so you’re not chasing 500 tiny balls around the floor), and the light automatically turns off after a few minutes, so you don’t accidentally forget to turn it off (…which I would probably do).


Coming right up!

I really can’t think of anything I don’t love about this set. …Well, maybe the price tag – but I know I certainly couldn’t make one this amazing for less. And it’s just the right size for my small place. Caroline’s parlor would’ve been waaaaaay too big. And lacking in ice cream. Which is important.

Now I just need to work on more accurate backdrops (so it looks like the mirror is looking out onto Main Street from inside a building…).



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