Pretty in Pink

Today’s post is going to be very pink. Consider yourself warned haha…

I didn’t expect this ballet dress to become such a favorite, but it really has! It looks great on Isabelle (big surprise considering it’s from her collection). Next, I’ll have to see how it looks on Kanani…


Izzy in Pink

If you’re looking at this and thinking, “Okay, okay, it is really pretty. Maybe I’ll get it, too,” now is the time! We’re in the final countdown to the mysterious BeForever launch, and is preparing by offering free shipping on any purchase of $50 or more (ends 8/18). They’ve marked down a bunch of sale items as well.

Speaking of the advent of BeForever, rumors are going around that there will be unannounced discontinuations of historical collection items.

Lilly Maiden has an extensive list at her blog:  If you’re considering any of these, your safest bet is to purchase them before 8/28.

The more I learn about BeForever, the more I’m not entirely sure I like the changes I see. To me, it boils down to American Girl trying to appeal to the target audience by making “historical lite” dolls. Their outfits are supposedly historically accurate, but they no longer look like pieces that are very representative of that time. Instead, it feels like they’ve tried to find the rare outfits that look similar to pieces we still see today.

Take Samantha’s new look…

“New” Samantha

This looks like something I wore as a kid in the ’80’s or ’90’s… And that’s the point. If it’s an outfit that doesn’t look too different from those of today, American Girl believes kids will be more apt to choose a historical girl. I can see doing this for the outfits they arrive in, but I hope all  of their collections won’t be this way. I’ve always loved the fact that the historical collections have tiny recreations of real items from the past. And after missing out on Samantha’s items the first time around, I’ve been hoping they’d bring back a lot of the items I drooled over as a kid (even if they didn’t look exactly the same).

I guess we’ll know soon enough! Just over a week left!



4 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. OHMYGAWD I love this blog. Marie Grace in Isabelle’s sparkly dress? You KNOW I’ll be trying that, as soon as Fed Ex makes it’s way past the snow pack in the middle of the U.S. and delivers it to my door step.

    Caroline looks super in Samantha’s era.

    Your photos are beauuutttifullll.

    I am a grown up kid (48) who refuses to stop being a kid. Mostly.

    So happy to find someone else tickled by the same things. I love AG.


      • It is so relieving to know there are other adults crazy for this stuff. I dragged my best friend (definitely NOT a doll person) to AG Place for the first time last year and she was mortified that I insisted on borrowing a doll at the bistro to eat lunch with us. No, we had no kids with us. We were just two middle aged gals … with a doll having her own pretend meal at the bistro. Ha!

        I knew about the AG Proboards, but not about the other one. I have spent a lot of time looking back at things I never got, because I wasn’t paying attention while they were being manufactured. My dream-to-own wardrobes are Samantha’s old one (especially the middy dress, school dress and cape and gaiters), and most of Molly’s. I had a chance to get Molly stuff (table and chairs, etc.) before she retired, but I resisted. Such foolishness.

        One thing that’s surprised me, in looking at the boards, is how incredibly popular Kanani was. She demands a lot on the secondary market! I might have to see her in person to decide whether or not she goes on my “gotta get it someday” list, along with McKenna, Caroline (who is basically McKenna with lighter hair, I know), and Felicity in her original dress. Of all the dolls, I’ve seen/own, the most absolutely photogenic one is Chrissa. Which is weird, because I was disappointed when I first got her from ebay. Now I think she’s a total stunner. And then there is Rebecca … I guess I prefer the brunette dolls! Hasn’t stopped me from acquiring blondes, though.

        Yada yada yada. Sorry to go on, but there are so few people I’ve had the opportunity to yammer on about this with yet. I see that changing.

        p.s. I’ve got a reborn doll, and all I can say is do not be afraid of the reborns … just find a really, really, really good artist. The ones who are top notch at it are worth the money. ‘Nuff said. I have the cutest baby in town, though of course she’s not real. I know that. Just pretending.

        Dollying on!

  2. p.s. Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress just came in the mail today. I’m not thrilled with it, but it might take time to grow on me. I’ll have to see it on her. She really is a lovely girl. her hair is great (haven’t tried the pink thingy).

    The navy blue holiday sparkle dress is GORGEOUS. Can’t wait for photos when the little tree goes up!

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