Okie dokie, Tokidoki

Oh, Tokidoki… you’re just too darn adorable! I love you so! First, you introduced me to the lovely sugar-energy-loving alien, Donutella…

DonutellaThe Sweet Donutella

…and then, you gave her a unicorn(o) friend…

DolceLgThe Aptly-Named Dolce

…and then you created not just ONE herd of unicornos, but THREE series (and counting) of them! AND I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE THEM ALL!

Here are a few of my favorites from the ever-growing collection of unicornos that keep following me home…

Unicorno1L-R: Sunny Day, Bellina, Stellina (Not Pictured: Peperino)

Unicorno2L-R: Sakura, Dolce, Lolopessa

I think the above three are my absolute favorites. Dolce was one of the first I ever pulled, Sakura was a lucky pull from the bookstore at work, and Lolopessa was a super-lucky pull from this year’s Comic Con. I did have a Mooka at one point (my sister fell in love with her haha), and I had two Ritmos – neither of which I really liked. I’d still like to add Kaili, Timber, Pixie, and Scooter to my collection… Thank goodness they don’t take up much room… 😉



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