Mini Ruthie and Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress

Mini Ruthie, Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress | American Girl

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it! A lot has happened since my last post – the best of which is that I started a new job that allows me to use my art, media, writing and community skills in an academic setting. I love it!

…And speaking of things I love, I’m really happy with the latest additions to my American Girl collection.

KananiRuthieMini Ruthie!

I can’t tell you how many times I debated whether or not to get Ruthie – especially when it was announced that she’d be heading to the archives soon. She was one of the dolls I considered when I visited AGPLA, but even in person, I wasn’t entirely sold on her – and it’s hard to justify AG prices for something you’re not absolutely in love with (for me, anyway). Luckily, not long ago, the Ruthie mini doll went on sale for $10 (down from the usual $24), so I made sure to grab one before they sold out!

I think she’s one of the cutest mini dolls AG has made. (And unfortunately, I’d say the Marie-Grace mini doll is one of the worst… That face! They could’ve done so much better…) It’s too bad they couldn’t have made Ruthie’s dress with a slightly smaller print… It looks a bit awkward on her. I am glad they secured her headband to her hair – it’s nice not having to worry about it slipping off when she falls over as I try to photograph her haha…

KananiReadCoffee and a good book – a perfect combination!

I really love the mini books that come with the dolls, too. Why can’t AG sell them on their own!? I’d make a tiny library in a heartbeat! It’ll be interesting to see if the new BeForever versions even come with books.

MGpinkballet2Radiant in Rose

My other recent purchase – Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress. I know when AG announced this dress, a lot of people groaned. I get that it’s pink and sparkles and ballet, and as formulaic as it gets, but it’s SO PRETTY in person! It really looks amazing on Marie-Grace (which makes sense given that her meet dress is a similar deep pink). It kind of reminds me of Aurora’s pink dress (which is also probably why I love it so much).

MGpinkballet2Dress, Bracelet, and Ballet Slippers (Not Pictured: Hair Ornament)

The sequin fabric is nice – it doesn’t snag anything else, and the skirt has four layers, which gives it just the right amount of volume. The bracelet’s a little cheesy, and the slippers could’ve been made to fit a little higher (they almost look too small), but they’re nice, simple touches. I didn’t use the hair ornament (mostly because I couldn’t find a way to make it look good with MG’s ponytail), but it’s nicely made.

There are a few other things I’d like to get, but I’m holding out to see what BeForever brings. I’m really curious about what outfits they’ll release for Samantha’s return. I’m not really impressed with her new meet dress or the “Cruella De Vil” winter coat, but who knows what else they’ve got in store for her. I’m not a huge fan of the 1970’s, but some of Julie’s new outfits look pretty cute, too. Not long to wait now! Just a few more weeks!JenniferSig


2 thoughts on “Mini Ruthie and Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress

  1. Here I am, on the verge of returning Isabelle’s sparkle dress because I’m just not crazy about it on her, when I see the photo of it on Marie-Grace and fall in love. Sigh. I guess I’m not returning it after all. Marie-Grace makes everything look good!

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