Gold and Grace

If you’re a fan of the American Girl dolls, you’ve probably heard by now that Marie-Grace is one of the dolls being discontinue- er… “archived” this year (along with Cecile, Ruthie, and Ivy – who is the only Asian American historical doll at the moment). Not only is it a shame for AG to retire these dolls when they’ve only been out for a few years (MG and Cecile were introduced only three years ago!), but there’s also the potential that MG might remain the only doll to ever use this beautiful face mold.

I admit, Marie-Grace can be a bit tricky to photograph. From the wrong angle, her chin appears much sharper than it really is and some pieces of clothing can make her shoulders look too broad or her face too long. Even her original hairstyle seems to accentuate her heart-shaped face in ways that can sometimes be off-putting. Heck, when I first saw her in official pictures, I thought she looked derpy! In fact, I remember my mom and I talking about how she was one doll we would have no trouble resisting… It’s amazing just how many people were uninterested after seeing her stock photos, but then fell in love with her in-person (my mom and I included).

With the right hairstyle (sans massive pin curls) and clothes, she’s such a gorgeous doll!

MGBalletGraceful MG

She looks especially fantastic in neutral and metallic tones. To be honest, I think I like Isabelle’s leotard and tutu better on MG than on Isabelle! With her sleek high ponytail and gold accessories, here MG reminds me a little of the ballerinas from the finale number in White Christmas. (I love those costumes so much!) The gold really seems to bring out her blue eyes, too. Her poodle necklace is actually from Magic Attic Club, from Heather’s ’50’s outfit, but it seems to go well with anything MG wears, so it’s kind of become her necklace.

I’m looking forward to the new items being released this summer and the advent of “BeForever” (the re-branding of American Girl’s historical line), but it’s still kind of sad to see MG being discontinued. She’s quickly become a favorite among collectors, and she’s probably my favorite among my AG dolls – I really do hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her or her face mold.JenniferSig


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