Painted, Wooden Worldly Treasures


Dala Horses and Treasure Box |  from Sweden and El Salvador


The vast majority of my miniatures are typically doll or video game related, but not all of them. Three of my favorite small objects are painted, wooden pieces that originally came from Sweden and El Salvador.

wooden01Dala Horses


These are “Dala” Horses. Although I’m not Swedish (I am part Danish, though, so still within that Scandinavian vein), I absolutely love these horses. Each one is handmade, so no two are exactly alike; and the process to make them is painstaking. Once each pine horse is carved to shape, they’re dipped in primer. Any unsightly spots are filled in, and then it’s time to dip them in their base color. My favorite are the red horses (which are also the most common, I think), but you can find them in royal blues, blacks, white, yellow, and sometimes pink and baby blue. Finally, they’re finished off with beautiful, swirling designs, painted by master “ripple painters”.

These two were given to me by my mom-in-law for Christmas a few years ago. They’re originally from the Nils Olsson workshop (Nils Olssons Hemslöjd) in Nusnäs, Sweden. They’re so bright and beautiful – if given the chance, I’d have a little herd of them!


When Tangled first came out, and I saw the artwork in Rapunzel’s bedroom, I was reminded of this next mini treasure.

wooden02Cheerful reds, pinks, and purples make up this little bird and his leafy perch.

This small wooden treasure box is from El Salvador. My sister gave it to me years ago for my birthday. I don’t use it to store things very often (I did have a few favorite Barbie items in it for awhile), but I always have it on display somewhere in my bedroom. The box is made of such pretty, light wood, and is really nicely made. The lid is attached to the base with two small pieces of leather and metal tacks. The painting is my favorite part, though. I love the combination of colors and shapes, and the little birds on the side and lid are so sweet.

wooden03Detail of the box lid

JenniferSigI think the thing I love most about all three of these pieces is the attention to detail. The talent of these artists really shows. ♥


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