Skinny Jeans by Royal Doll Boutique


Royal Doll Boutique  |


I’ve been drooling over Lisa of Royal Doll Boutique’s beautifully made American Girl sized doll clothing since early March, when I first found her store. If you look through the pages of her previously sold items, you’ll find not only well-made ensembles, but ones that would look great on a human as well! This is a BIG sticking point for me. There’s a LOT of extra-cheesy-looking doll clothes on etsy (yeah, yeah, I know – because they’re made for children, not for crazy adult collectors – I get it), but it’s very rare to find clothes and whole outfits with pieces that really work well together.

(Like, seriously, if these came in adult human sizes, I would not be ashamed to match my dolls!)

I ordered a pair of Royal Doll Boutique’s skinny jeans, and they’re just as fantastic as they look online!

jeans01Royal Doll Boutique’s skinny jeans, modeled by American Girl Caroline Abbott (1812)

These jeans are made from soft, rich-colored denim and they fit all three of my American Girl dolls perfectly. There are two working pockets in front and back, and all of the edges are professionally finished. The stitching is really nicely done – looks just like the real thing!

jeans02Front and back pockets!

These jeans even look great from the back! I really think I like them better than any I’ve gotten directly from American Girl. I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future!



This is the quality of sewing that I aspire to. These jeans are so well made and the level of attention to detail is very evident. The price is fantastic for what you get – if American Girl offered these jeans, I’m sure they’d be well over $20. Lisa’s great to communicate with and will even put together custom orders. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Royal Doll Boutique next!



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