Pinata Invitation Holder


Pinata Invitation Holder |  found at work


It’s party time!

You never know what you’re going to find at work!

My department sometimes receives some pretty nice invitations – from square cards in vellum paper to shimmery cardstock and embossed lettering. The most unique invitation I’ve ever seen was one for a Cinco de Mayo-themed event last year. Inside a bag filled with foam western-shaped confetti was a mini pinata. And jammed into the poor pinata’s throat was a rolled up scroll with the event details. After a quick invite-ectomy, I patched up the hole using a piece of Post-It Note, and she was good as new!

pinataThe most unique invitation holder I’ve ever seen!

For months, this pinata had been keeping me company, sitting on my desk at work. But once I was bitten by the American Girl bug, I began to see objects in a new light. When I realized how perfect of a prop this pinata would be, I brought it home, and it’s been decorating Kit’s table and chairs since. Now I just need mini carne asada and fried ice cream… mmm…



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