Disney Treats by Stacy Morgan Studios


Stacey Morgan Studios  |   staceymorganstudios.etsy.com


I stumbled upon Stacey Morgan’s amazing little creations a few months ago, while browsing etsy for American Girl sized Disneyana. One glance at her studio’s offerings and I was instantly hooked! I’ve never seen anything even close to these detailed and amazingly accurate treats!

DisneyIzzyIzzy and I share a love of Disney and their decadent sweets.

I wanted to buy everything Disney she’s ever made because it all looks freaking incredible! but  I purchased her Disney inspired mouse ice cream set. It looks exactly like the real thing! (Maybe even better!)

I also have one of her Disney inspired mouse chocolate dipped rice crispy treats. The attention to detail is incredible – it really looks like it’s made of tiny grains of puffed rice cereal!

GreedyGrinninGhostsBeware of treat-taking ghosts!

Just be careful if you’ve got little kiddos around – these mini foods look pretty darn realistic (my pictures don’t do them justice at all; I need better lighting)! And be sure to check back at her storefront often – Stacey Morgan Studios tends to post several creations at once, and once they’re out, they’re out! But not to worry, if you send Ms. Morgan a note, she’ll let you know when her newest grouping is available. And, if you have something specific in mind, she takes custom orders, too.



The quality of these small pieces is superb! They look real and add something special to any Disney scene. And they’re not something your run of the mill American Girl etsy store offers! I know I’ll definitely be back for more treats from Stacey Morgan Studios!



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